Reduce your Water Costs

We start by undertaking an independent forensic audit of your water utility invoices to establish if your current charges are correct.

We then look at the monitoring and management of your supplies and finally we investigate water efficiency.

We help businesses save money; by undertaking an independent forensic audit of their water & wastewater costs, utilising over 30-years industry experience as an Engineer and Operations Manager with United Utilities and North West Water. We deliver very significant savings (both historic rebates and future budget), that come from the validation of invoice charges, through to management of supplies and water efficiency measures. Our mission is to provide “Clear solutions to water & wastewater problems”.

Cost Areas Include:

• Water & Wastewater

Initially the requirement on the client is to provide 12-months of water utility invoices and preferably a Letter of Authority, so that any additional data that may be required can be obtained directly from the water company.

We will then present a Situation Report that benchmarks the existing annual expenditure – this document pulls together all the clients costs using the base meter read data as the building blocks.

This document itself is extremely valuable, as it provides all the required data to enable consideration of changing supplier in readiness for 2017.

Following presentation of the report, ERA undertake site surveys of those sites, where it is required, checking data is correct and seeking water efficiency savings.

ERA will then reassess the situation and construct a Recommendations Report, which will report on and quantify any savings. Following presentation to the client, solutions will be implemented, and any savings tracked within audit reports.

Water case studies