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Medical Service Expertise and Specialist Health Related Services

We specialise in Medical and Care Consumable products and specialist health related services.

All organisations involved in the care of people or animals purchase a range of consumable items and equipment to use in the delivery of that care. Similarly organisations involved in supporting the provision of care through charities, manufacturing or retail etc. for the sector may purchase products and services that can be reviewed. We utilise front line healthcare experience and clinical expertise to uncover opportunities for reduced costs whilst ensuring standards of care and patient safety will not be compromised.

We work predominantly in the private care home sector and focus on delivering savings on generic and specialised medical products without compromising care. We use more than twenty years of clinical experience to assess and understand Clients’ individual needs and then provide solutions that are easy for staff to implement whilst creating best value with robust clinical governance for the organisation.

In addition we also provide consultancy services to review clinical service design, clinical risk management and staff training and support issues. These areas can be addressed alongside a cost review or as a separate exercise.

Cost Areas Include:

• General Medical

Medical Services

Medical Supplies reviews embrace the needs of our clients, whether they simply want to know if their pricing is correct, through to bespoke projects that require more complex solutions.

Since the Care Act 2014, there has been a continuing demand to enhance the way health and social care is planned and delivered with more responsibility placed on commissioners of care all the time. High profile media exposure of when care delivery goes wrong has increased this pressure further. It is imperative that all care providers get value for money from suppliers in order to reinvest in ways that enhance care and maintain patient safety.

Effective cost management

Effective Cost Management can be achieved in this category without reducing quality if the relevant expertise, time and effort are put in.

The work does not rely on price setting alone but focuses on other key areas such as creating a cost conscious culture, ensuring all appropriate products and services are included in the review and adopting new technologies or services where appropriate. Suppliers are chosen with a view to providing one or more added value services such as training and technical support or installation and maintenance contracts where appropriate.

In addition we help our clients establish controls which allow freedom to make clinical decisions whilst also achieving best value. Where necessary significant attention is paid to standardising and rationalising product ranges as well as conducting clinical trials. Clinical engagement is therefore a key element to the success of any project rather than simple rate jockeying.

The range of clients we work with is varied from large care home groups to health and social care sector charities, food manufacturers and tech companies requiring clinical services and products. In addition to best pricing, All require the same understanding of issues such as product functionality, infection control, NICE/COSHH regulations, Health & Safety issues and risk management.

Consultancy Projects – Strategic Clinical Reviews

Example 1 – Strategic Review of product range and pricing for a pharmaceutical product retailer. Successful outcome in terms of establishing areas where the product range could be streamlined and improved and established areas where margins were not optimal.

Example 2 – Strategic Review of pricing for pharmacy products. Conducted a Blind Market Test for a client who provides services within the community and prison environments in sexual health and for individuals with alcohol and drug problems. Recommended reconfigured purchasing across incumbent suppliers to make savings and made recommendations for service redesign to reduce risk of service failure and staff protection when handling pharmaceuticals in high risk environments.

Medical Case Studies

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