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Helping clients optimise their Operational Supplies costs

Optimise your Indirect, Procurement & Supplier costs in Operational Supplies

For organisations in the manufacturing sector, operational supplies are the lifeblood of the business.

Depending on the business, this can include factory consumables, chemicals and industrial gases, lab supplies, MRO supplies, and packaging.

An organisation’s ability to control the total manufacturing costs of these supplies — direct manufacturing costs and variable costs — is vital to an organisation’s financial health.

ERA can assess expenses to find manufacturing cost-savings opportunities. We help determine if incumbent suppliers are offering the most advantageous pricing for operational supplies, applying years of experience and supplier knowledge to improve companies’ cash flow.

Within the ERA network of experts, we have a wide range of individuals with first hand practical experience in managing operational supplies. Our detailed auditing process ensures a thorough understanding of your business and work practises in order to best advise you moving forward.

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Our global sourcing expertise in the area of bulk chemicals allows our experts to find hard-to-find supplies. Their backgrounds also allow them to understand the issues from a stakeholder / end-user perspective, guaranteeing a sensitive and mature approach.

Our chemicals team are well placed to understand the challenges that come with sourcing, purchasing and using a wide range of bulk and industrial chemicals.

It’s the analytical process we adopt and the detailed knowledge we have that makes our offer so compelling. Our experience and expertise in the area of sourcing bulk and industrial chemicals makes ERA an essential resource when looking for help with purchasing chemicals.

We are former end users and buyers who through our experience with ERA have visibility of the broader market place. We use our knowledge to leverage better prices and service levels from existing suppliers and test the market to suggest alternatives.

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Factory Consumables

Factory consumables must be replaced regularly as part of the manufacturing process. Controlling the total manufacturing costs of these supplies — direct manufacturing costs and variable manufacturing costs — is vital to an organization’s financial health, as it the monitoring of the major trends and development on the market.

Expense Reduction Analysts supports businesses in providing their specialist knowledge to support their operations and assess cost-savings opportunities.

Industrial Gases

When it comes to procuring gases a thorough understanding of the technical issues surrounding the purchasing is essential.

Our expertise covers gases, cryogens and LPG, as well as refrigerants. Our Specialists are drawn from industry, with long careers in the pharmaceutical sector and a thorough understanding of the procurement of gases as both a buyer and an end user.

Our experience covers a range of areas including industrial bulk tank gases, cylinder gases and refrigerants. Our tailored process means everything will be considered from the selection of correct material grades and formulation, incorporation of any compliance issues, transport and delivery requirements and the necessary security of supply for business critical materials.

We work hard to understand your current arrangements and more importantly your current and future requirements in order to create a solution tailored to your needs. The objectives and outcomes are often different for each client.

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MRO Supplies

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) supplies and services are indispensable to routine operations, but not many companies have the time and resources to follow market trends and prices for all segments.

Expense Reduction Analysts helps businesses to maximize their efficiency and spending in the MRO cost category.


Given the size, volatility and scope inherent within the industry, ERA will ensure that the process is tailored to each individual client’s needs and that the most appropriate solution is presented, implemented and maintained throughout the term of our engagement.

Our specialists work with clients to reduce Packaging costs, this can be achieved either via like for like unit cost reduction, smarter buying habits or an overall improvement to the supply chain. Sometimes it can be a combination of all three.

All costs, volumes and order patterns are thoroughly benchmarked too. We would also seek to understand what works particularly well and where there might be scope for improvement. Any alternative solutions even if it is simply a change of supplier(s) at new rates for existing materials purchased, would be fully tested prior to any implementation and involve product sampling and shipping trials. ERA totally understand that if packaging materials fail to arrive on time or are under specified, goods simply do not get out of the door and poorly specified product will lead to damage and customer dissatisfaction.

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