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Helping clients optimise their Personnel Services costs

Optimise Indirect, Procurement & Supplier Costs in Personnel Services

An organization’s most important asset is its people. Therefore, cultivating and maintaining a strong workforce is essential.

From utilising staffing services to finding top talent to overseeing payroll responsibilities, to handling fleet management options for employees who travel outside of the office, an organisation is often juggling multiple personnel obligations at any given time.

If your organisation is relying on outsourced services, ERA can help you determine if your suppliers are delivering quality services at competitive pricing.

Here at ERA, we offer a wide range of services designed to help reduce your personnel costs. It’s not all about saving money though, as our experts also strive to help improve efficiencies within your business, helping to reduce operation overheads and stresses.

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Employment Services

The most important asset for businesses is the people.

Finding employees with the right skills, experience and qualifications is a time-consuming priority and external providers – temporary employment agency, job centers, job brokers and recruit specialists are often called upon.

Expense Reduction Analysts helps clients analyze their employment services expenses and find savings with the same level of service.

Fleet Management - Vehicle Leasing

Operating a fleet of vehicles is typically a top 3 spend for an organisation and we look at all the constituent cost parts to provide a “Whole Life Cost” analysis – even if you operate less than 20 vehicles.

ERA Fleet Cost Management specialise in cars and vans up to 3.5T and undertake a full holistic review of all the aspects of spend under the key categories: Acquisition, Operation and Policy.

Our consultants come from careers within the fleet sector often working for fleet solutions businesses selling into corporate accounts, so are fully acquainted with all aspects of contracts and understand where and how to ensure they work to your maximum advantage, and not against you.

Our initial review and subsequent reports highlights the options available and allow you to remain in control of decision making at all times, whilst offering strategies and terms which reduce expenditure and exposure.

Click here for a detailed summary of our fleet services and how we can help save you money on your fleet costs.

Payroll-HR Administration

All successful businesses invest in their people. Estimating required resources, identifying the right individuals, giving them the tools to do their job, compensating them fairly and paying them on time are all vital elements of having a focused and engaged workforce.

It’s therefore vitally important to ensure that a strategic approach is taken to ensuring they are provided for in a way that guarantees compliance with your organisations’ standards, but which doesn’t break your bank.

More and more organisations are adopting customer-centric models and that means a highly adaptable and changing workforce. Having the means to manage and motivate them, ensure they have the right training and equipment and the right working environment are all equally important.

Click here to read a detailed summary of our Payroll and HR Administration services.


For many businesses and organisations travel is a key business-enabling activity and a significant generator of cost.

Managing the purchase of travel and related services in a way that allows travelling employees to maximise their effectiveness, while both minimising cost and ensuring the health and safety of the traveller is a fine art.

To meet these challenges it is essential that the business takes a methodical approach to developing its travel buying capabilities.

It must, therefore, become well-informed of the range of options available in services and technology, as they are experienced in real situations in the market; and also understand well its own situation and needs. Expense Reduction Analysts provides its clients with an objective and expert source of input about available options through its work with a range of clients, its dialogue with key suppliers; and participation in industry fora such as the Institute of Travel and Meetings. Our consultants have an unrivalled depth of experience on both the buy- and sell-side of these services and as consultants, which enables us to work quickly and effectively with clients to establish their real needs and to make good value for money choices.

Click here for a detailed overview of our business travel services.


Security solutions for businesses vary widely, from business alarm systems to security guard services.

Clients benefit from Expense Reduction Analysts consultants’ security service knowledge to help them uncover cost-savings opportunities.

Working together, Expense Reduction Analysts helps organizations review non-core costs for services such as security to recover additional cash flow — offering financial peace of mind… and security.

Uniforms and Lines

Our specialists work with clients to reduce Workwear & PPE costs, Our aim is to present options to allow clients to make an informed decision. This can be achieved either via like for like unit cost reduction, smarter buying habits or an overall improvement to the supply chain.

Sometimes it can be a combination of all three. The process includes a detailed review of specifications, personalisation and service requirements which can identify more appropriate methodology and practice which, amongst other things, can also help reduce on site working capital and improve lead times.

Click here for a detailed summary of our Uniforms and Workwear services.

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