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Helping clients optimise their Supply Chain costs

Optimise your Indirect, Procurement & Supplier costs in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management touches all aspects of a company’s product assembly and supply chain, from the manufacturing process to when a final product reaches a customer’s hands.

For many organizations, this involves the integration of logistics at each stage of the product’s life, from raw material transport, packaging, warehousing product, and transportation/shipping.

To help businesses manage expenses from their supplier base including 3PL logistics, fleet management, small package freight, and warehousing, ERA reviews clients’ supplier relationships and expenses.

If there are savings opportunities, organizations can boost their cash flow by placing those dollars back to work in their businesses.

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Transport and Logistics

This is an extensive subject generally covering the movement of goods within a firm’s supply chain and is considered to be strategic to a firm’s success. The category includes both imports and exports by air, road or sea and frequently includes UK road transport.

We also specialise in all aspects of warehousing to include own or out-sourced and ‘3 and 4PL.’ Our warehousing expertise extends over the full range of product types to include frozen and ambient, to hazardous goods and chemicals.

The approach is to appraise each client requirement to develop a case by case strategy to maximise the scope for savings. Our main strength is to accommodate client needs with experienced yet innovative solutions and strong supplier relationships that focus on receiving value for money and the best result for the client.

A testament to the value of the solutions provided by the ERA Logistics Team, are the numerous long-term relationships developed with clients and the successful programmes that continue to be employed for many years.

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Courier and small package

For small freight shipping, companies rely on package shipping suppliers to handle the transportation of envelopes or packaged shipments under a certain weight.

With a variety of parcel shipping suppliers in the marketplace offering domestic and international package shipping services, businesses are happy to rely on the expertise of the Expense Reduction Analysts consultants.

Reducing small parcel shipping costs, maintaining or improving the level of service and finding savings is their objective.


Reviewing warehouses expenses can seem a bit of a challenge, and when to find the time?

Expense Reduction Analysts investigates these costs for you to present you with the best options for your business, helping you save money and improve the organization in the warehouse.

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