Brian Pinner

Brian Pinner

Client Relationship Manager, Project Specialist: Photocopiers

Brian joined ERA in 1997, having spent the previous 10 years as the MD of a Photocopier dealership in the West Midlands.

His focus is to deliver sustainable results for our clients, ensuring that they select the right machines for their needs, work with suppliers that can provide a high level of service, and only enter into agreements that they fully understand. The detailed supplier selection process is discussed with stakeholders at an early stage of the project, and Brian assists with the final implementation of the client’s preferred solution.

Brian has worked with clients in all sectors of business, across the UK, and has built up strong relationships with a wide range of suppliers. This has enabled him to fully leverage ERA’s purchasing influence in the Photocopier market, to the benefit of each of our clients.

Advice is always provided on the client’s current contractual obligations, to ensure that no hidden costs are incurred when machines are replaced, and Brian works closely with any incumbent supplier to maintain service levels for the duration of any existing agreement.

The forensic analysis of current agreements and historic charges can often uncover billing errors, and Brian has been successful in recovering significant sums of money for a number of clients.

Brian’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge can provide a valuable resource for our clients, and will take away the hassle of trying to decide which Photocopier salesman to believe!