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Expense Reduction Transport & Logistics Solutions

Indirect, Procurement & Supplier Cost Optimisation in Transport & Logistics

Expense Reduction Analysts have worked with a wide range of companies operating within the transport and logistics industry, providing extensive solutions helping to improve operational efficiencies and profitability.

Our industry specialists are integral to our ability to deliver Value Through Insight to clients, providing global insight and local knowledge that can help to give you a competitive advantage.

The transport and logistics industry continues to face a number of key challenges however, if properly managed these challenges can present lucrative opportunities.

For example, managing fuel costs is a primary concern, particularly as fuel costs can often exceed labour costs, and companies may agree to buy large amounts of fuel at a fixed price. Fuel surcharges are also used to offset rising prices.

The transportation, logistics and warehousing industry includes companies offering air, rail, truck and waterborne transportation services.

The industry also includes transit and ground passenger, courier and messenger transportation services, along with warehousing and storage services.

To find out more about how Expense Reduction Analysts can help your organisation in the transport and logistics industry, download our corporate brochure, which provides detailed information covering how exactly we can help you achieve your goals.

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Examine how Expense Reduction Analysts can help your transport and logistics organisation and explore the methods we use to assist our clients. Having worked with a wide range of companies, our industry specialists work with your existing team to deliver Value Through Insight, helping to achieve your objectives and goals.

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"Working with ERA not only helped us reduce costs, but has also helped us better understand what we are paying for and how we can be better customers for our vendors."

Dale Wineteer, President - RoadOne West Towing

International Transport Workers’ Federation Case Study

"Working with ERA has been very beneficial. There are no negatives really; they do exactly what they say on the tin and they do it with the minimum impact on our time. I’d definitely recommend their services." Neil Richardson, IT Service Desk Engineer, ITF. Poor service, incredibly lengthy call-out response times and ever increasing costs saw global union federation, ITF, at the end of its tether with its photocopy supplier. Head of Systems and ICT, Samantha A’Boe, reached out to Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) for assistance. An in-depth project unearthed massive overcharges, which were subsequently refunded, and saw ITF transition to a new, better fit supplier with industry leading service levels and account management. The cost savings on the new contract were very much an added bonus!

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Groveport Group (Wharton Grove Wharf) Case Study

“Having heard about Expense Reduction Analysts, I was keen to test them out – and we haven’t been disappointed. Andrew Brackenbury and his team have uncovered significant savings. They have also monitored supplier pricing and performance post-implementation, which has allowed us to focus on building our business.” Andrew Brown, Finance Director, Groveport Group.Wharton Grove Wharf is an inland port on the River Trent in Scunthorpe. Encompassing traditional values coupled with a modern outlook and ideas, the port now has a capacity of up to twelve berths and 3.5 million tonnes of cargo per annum.

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"Expense Reduction Analysts have successfully delivered annual savings of £115,850 for PD Ports Services. I am now satisfied that we are running the business in a more cost effective fashion.”

Mike Pounder, Financial Director

Case Studies related to Transport and Logistics

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