5 Spend Areas Hospitality & Leisure Businesses Should be Reviewing Right Now – Part 2

Earlier in the year we released a piece of insight recommending a focus of ‘controlling the controllables’ for Hospitality and Leisure (H&L) organisations when it comes to boosting efficiencies in indirect procurement.

Now, we have 5 more suggestions to help get your spending back under control in a technology driven era:

  • Deal with the rising costs of commercial debit cards
  • Understand how open banking can benefit your business
  • Sustainability is key for the future
  • Energy
  • Insurance

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"Who ‘owns’ procurement in your organisation? Operations? Finance? Each individual Departmental Head? Give procurement a voice at senior level so it can directly support operations.
Total cost of ownership of goods and services as they cycle through your business should be the aim, rather than spot-buying to save a few pounds.
The best purchasing policy in the world fails on Day One if its execution is left to untrained junior staff who are busy trying to maintain service to guests.
Best and worst practice can be yours."

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