Cracking Under Pressure – Which Way Forward For Egg Producers?

It has been hard to miss the fact that the supply of eggs at the UK’s supermarkets has been rather poor over the past few months, and more recently that has been coupled with significant price rises.

Whilst inflation has made the headlines, one rarely hears about the impact of the rising costs and the effect this is having on UK producers, their hens and the wider industry.

Creative solutions are required to turn the industry around and save it from further damage, and secure its long-term future.

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UK poultry farmers are under increasing pressure as the UK's biggest chains are refusing to pay more per box of eggs, and the government has remained unsupportive of the sector. Download our latest insights for more information.

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"To sustain the future of egg production there needs to be a concerted effort by all players, ranging from innovation and calculated risk from the farmers to the willingness of packers, retailers and consumers to embrace the need to spend arguably much more for the same product."

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