Economic Turning Point – Inflation and Interest Rates: What Comes Next?

ERA’s Insight into the current economic landscape and how to navigate uncertainty.

The shocks that have shaken the global economy in recent years have introduced a new normal for turbulence. These episodes have lifted uncertainty to exceptionally high levels, which in turn can impact economic growth.

Navigating through these turbulent times can appear daunting, particularly when grappling with the pressures of inflation.

Across all sectors, we’re seeing companies take the opportunity to streamline their organisations, from reducing headcount to prioritising investments on key projects that are core to their operations. Every Pound, Euro and Dollar matters in a crisis, understanding your return on investment in key-projects or your supply chain is critical.

In times of economic uncertainty, some organisations look to safety, relying on tried and tested revenue streams to provide security while market confidence is low. Other companies capitalise on the opportunity to innovate and exploit gaps in the market to develop new approaches, breaking down traditional business models in favour of agile and highly customer-centric products & services.

We know there’s no silver bullet to solving economic uncertainty.

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"Strategy is key and business must understand the path they wish to take for both short term and long-term gain. It is crucial that businesses look at their operating model and identify sources of waste and opportunities to reduce spending."

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