How You Can Fund Sustainability Projects in Manufacturing

Sustainability is the buzzword of our modern age.

It’s shouted from political podiums, mentioned as an objective in company boardrooms and underlined in bold on marketing material.

In the past 24 hours, you’ve probably been told by at least three different businesses that they’re going carbon neutral, reducing their plastic or some combination of the two, with good reason.

Why Does It Matter?

Aside from the cost-of-living crisis that’s bubbling away across Europe, environmental issues are at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

After all, they’re surrounded by sobering statistics highlighting the steep decline of nature and the dangers that its destruction poses.

Does the manufacturing sector have a part to play in reversing these worrying trends?

Absolutely it does. In fact, it may have a bigger part to play than almost any other industry.

From the outside looking in, the answers are simple: manufacturers need to drastically reduce energy consumption whilst also contributing to clean energy production.

In theory, that could work.

So why haven’t they already done so?

As you probably know, one of the biggest answers, in one word, is cost.

That’s where Expense Reduction Analysts comes in. As well as finding subsidies and specific financing for sustainability projects, our network of specialists can free up capital within your manufacturing business to reallocate elsewhere.

So, where can that extra capital be found within your business?

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The concept of sustainability in manufacturing is a complex one. It can be approached from multiple directions with vastly different technologies and methods. Download our latest insights today to see how ERA can help.

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"Manufacturing accounts for approximately 20% of global emissions, a similar proportion to agriculture and substantially more than aviation and shipping."

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