Market Intelligence – Inflation Series

In light of the ongoing challenges facing the UK economy this year, our latest collection of articles delves into the current economic landscape.

While inflation and interest rates remain elevated, our second of four special editions of Market Intelligence, seeks to illuminate opportunities within the current uncertainty. Our team of ERA specialists offers valuable guidance for weathering the economic climate, uncovering unforeseen sources of value, and refining your business strategy. For our most up-to-date insights, read our second Autumn issue.

What’s Inside:

  • Navigating the Tide of Rising Insurance Premiums
    By Paul Gravatt
  • The Overlooked Role of Interest Rates in Managed Print
    By Andrew Kinnear
  • The Chilling Effects of Inflation in Supplier Markets
    By Jason Adderley
  • The Murky Waters of Sea Freight Costs
    By Rikesh Nichani
  • Top 5 Technology Concerns for IT Stakeholders in 2024
    By Neil Pinner

Read our October issue for this month’s insights.

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Over our 4 special editions of Market Intelligence, we discuss the intricacies of the UK’s economic landscape, exploring how businesses can not only weather the storm but also thrive. ERA specialise in finding value where you didn’t think possible, offering aid to your business strategy and optimise costs and processes along the way.

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