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With the threat of a wide-scale recession on the minds of business owners, arriving at a time of European war, an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis and continual climate change, what can you expect from the next few months?

What’s Inside:

  • Will Your Business be One That Fails or Thrives?
    By James Rimmer
  • Will the Government’s March 2022 White Paper on Schools Deliver Results?
    By Nick Clement
  • Visa Business Debit Cards: Cost Shock
    By Stephen Whitlam, Paul Davidson and Paul Lucraft
  • Point-of-Sale Devices: A Fresh Take on Your Options at the Checkout
    By Stephen Whitlam, Paul Davidson and Paul Lucraft
  • The Value of Marketing in Turbulent Times
    By Alex Venner
  • Supplier Opportunism Abounds as Cost Pressures Bite
    By Jason Adderley
  • Sea Freight Market
    By Rikesh Nichani
  • Energy Costs are Rising. How Worried Should You Be?
    By Richard Clayton
  • Technology and the Future
    By John Addis

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Download Market Intelligence 22.3

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