Published Thursday 26th March 2020

The contactless card transaction limit will increase to £45 from 1st April to help social distancing with COVID-19.

Will it help?

At the moment, every little helps, as pin keypads are of course capable of carrying the virus, and many stores hand terminals back and forth when chip and pin is used.

However the transaction size for the stores remaining open are likely to often exceed £45.
In addition, Chip & Pin will be required on payment cards where their cumulative contactless limit, since last authentication, reaches €150 or every 5th transaction.

Above this limit authentication will be required, either through Chip & Pin or via the customer’s own device if using a mobile wallet.
Encouraging customers to use wallets will reduce the risks associated with using the pin-pad as they authenticate on the mobile device. The liability shift rules, protecting your business from most chargebacks, apply as for chip and pin.

Hints & Tips

  • Ensure staff wear gloves and encourage use of contactless.
  • Consider mounting terminals, so staff do not need to handle them.
  • Encourage your customers to use mobile wallets – e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

The UK Cards Association (now part of UK Finance) issued a helpful guide, including staff training ideas to reassure customers worried about using contactless or mobile. Although the limits are now updated for 1st April, the principles still apply. Click here to read the guide.

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