Each year our UK network come together for our UK conference, an event designed to share ideas, plan for the coming year and include all of our experts in shaping our corporate strategy. It’s also a great opportunity to network, not to mention have a bit of fun, as we will typically have a celebration in the evening too. This year was no exception, with our conference taking place at the Ardencote hotel in Warwickshire. A beautiful venue set in rolling hills and picturesque countryside. Our event organisers did a fantastic job at getting the venue setup and orchestrating travel and logistics for over 100 attendees, not to mention a wide range of staff members from our UK support centre including our accounts team, marketing department and senior management.

The main goal of our UK conference this year was to provide more detail about plans for 2019, particularly around our digital marketing activities as well as some significant technology upgrades to the infrastructure that supports all of our day to day activities. Over the two day event our delegates remained positive and excited for what’s to come, with plenty of engagement from the audience. It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the men and women that work behind the scenes from our support centre. Our network are of course spread out across the country, so it’s not often they get to meet those who support their activities, so as part of the presentations, each member from the UK support centre was introduced, with further “meet and greets” taking place during the evening celebrations.

There’s always a tangible energy during our conferences which helps to make them even more rewarding. Getting to learn more about how the business is doing and the exciting topics coming down the pipeline is very interesting, but it’s the human aspect, the collaboration, that really makes our conference one of the highlights of the year.

It has become tradition for our founder and executive chairman Fred Marfleet to open the conference each year. Being such a veteran here at ERA, Fred is uniquely qualified to provide the vision for our business, so hearing his thoughts on the year passed and the year ahead is always hugely interesting. Our COO Klaus Jeschke also presented on a number of topics along with the President of our US network Charlie Smith.

All in all the 2018 UK conference was a huge success. Our UK network got to meet our newest members of staff and in turn, those who have recently joined got to experience the welcoming friendliness of our experts from across the country.

As the year is drawing to a close, we want to thank all of our clients, specialists, experts, project analysts and support centre staff and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here’s to 2019!