Fuel Expertise

Our fuel expertise covers a range of areas. As well as petrol and diesel for corporate and commercial fleets, our expertise can help with heating oil and fuel cards.

Fuel oil pricing often seems like smoke and mirrors to the poor confused user. Not only does the oil price vary every day, but the wholesale prices of individual fuels can yoyo even more so.

We bring a four pronged approach to reducing clients’ fuel costs:

• Absolute reductions in the cost of fuel linked to the wholesale markets
• Programs to influence user behaviour, and reviewing effectiveness of purchase ordering
• Using technology to reduce consumption
• Review of optimal fuel types for the application
• Each project requires a tailored approach, with different emphasis depending on the fuel and application, with the aim of achieving the optimum unit cost.

Fuel Services

In addition to achieving substantial savings, our approach means that our client now has a clear understanding of how their prices relate to the wider fuel markets, and they are therefore able to ensure that best value is being obtained. This is reinforced by our ongoing audit of pricing, to ensure that supplier margins remain competitive, irrespective of changes in absolute prices as determined by the wholesale markets.

Cost areas include:

• Bunkered Fuel
• Consumption/Efficiencies
• Fuel Cards
• Heating Oils
• Process Fuels
• Oils
• Transportation Fuels

Fuel Case Studies

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