workwear & PPE

Workwear and PPE

Reduce your workwear and personal protective equipment costs

Workwear & Personal Protective Equipment are a necessary expenditure for many organisations.

This category encompasses Uniforms, as used in Hotels and Retail for senior and supervisory positions, Workwear, Hi-Viz wear and Safety wear for the head, eyes and feet etc. All items need to conform to relevant Health & Safety standards required by the client’s industry and be fit for purpose.

Our specialists work with clients to reduce Workwear & PPE costs, Our aim is to present options to allow clients to make an informed decision. This can be achieved either via like for like unit cost reduction, smarter buying habits or an overall improvement to the supply chain. Sometimes it can be a combination of all three. The process includes a detailed review of specifications, personalisation and service requirements which can identify more appropriate methodology and practice which, amongst other things, can also help reduce on site working capital and improve lead times.

Cost Areas Include:

• General Workwear & PPE
• Overalls, polo shirts and cargo trousers
• Hi-Viz waistcoats, jackets and trousers
• Safety wear for the head, eyes and feet

Workwear and PPE Services

Our specialists work with clients to gain a full appreciation of their needs, ensuring that all key stakeholders are fully engaged and that all existing quality and service requirements are completely understood.

This includes individual item specification, personalisation needs, sizing ranges, delivery lead times, order patterns, stockholding strategy, man-pack requirements. All costs, volumes and order patterns are thoroughly benchmarked too. We would also seek to understand what works particularly well and where there might be scope for improvement. Any alternative solutions even if it is simply a change of supplier(s) at new rates for existing items purchased, would be fully sampled and trialled to the client’s satisfaction.

Workwear & PPE case studies

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