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National Pharmacy Association

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The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) is the representative body for the community pharmacy trade in the UK.

In addition to supplying a range of ancillary pharmacy support products at competitive prices, it seeks to support its members by influencing government policy and consumer opinion. It is also a leading provider of indemnity insurance and legal advice for community pharmacies.

The NPA is transforming its Pharmacy Sales business and ‘Web Shop’. The NPA procures and distributes over 500 pharmacy support products to the Association’s 3,900 members and 12,500 pharmacies across the UK. The new service will increase this range to over 1,300 products.

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“The results of the review can genuinely be described as ‘win-win’. At the point of sale, we have been able to upgrade our e-trading facility and we can now accurately analyse the success of our products and service by segment and member, in order to understand how we continue to improve the offering. This will make it easier for members to access the products that are appropriate to their businesses, improve the fulfilment rates and add value through initiatives such as next day delivery.“At the same time, internally, we now have a firm grip on what was admittedly quite a ‘sleepy’ area of the business and are successfully driving improved revenue streams and reduced operating costs.”

Adrian Palmer

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