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Sue Ryder

Healthcare and Social Services

A multi-million contract built on trust and collaboration with Sue Ryder

As with any charity, keeping costs down and securing the most competitive rates from suppliers is a high priority. However, for David White, Head of Procurement at Sue Ryder, a top-class procurement consultancy needed to offer much more than great savings.

After a benchmarking exercise against another provider, ERA’s fully engaged and highly personalised service completely overshadowed their nearest rivals and the contract was awarded.

Two years on and the relationship between Sue Ryder and ERA has become one cemented in trust, communication and a level of teamwork that has surpassed even David’s expectations. ERA’s Client Relationship Manager, Simon Dodson, and the team are currently tracking over £2millon of spend and delivering 23% savings across the board, with more on the horizon.

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“We’re essentially a small fish when it comes to procurement and ERA, with their sheer scale and leverage, can get much better deals for us. That more than pays for any share of savings that they receive as fees. This working relationship has been nothing but win-win for us.”

David White, Head of Procurement, Sue Ryder

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