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Environmentalism, a marginal political issue approximately twenty years ago has now become a mainstream social and political concern. In recent times, this has been driven by the increasing knowledge of global warming and its effect on our planet.

More recently, however, the increase in marine pollution highlighted so extraordinarily in the Blue Planet series by the BBC and spearheaded by Sir David Attenborough has led to a significant shift in public opinion in opposition to the throw-away culture that we find ourselves in. The increasing focus on pollution prevention and the impact of plastic waste in our environment is driving individuals, enterprise and governments to identify solutions to curb the effects that our waste is having on the natural world.

It is a common misconception that ‘being green’ can cost the earth. Actually, particularly in the realm of waste management, becoming more resource efficient through waste minimisation or improving the recyclability of a product will bring significant financial benefits.

Businesses must now look to the opportunities presented by emerging plastic policies. Download our essential plastic waste guide today, which provides details, insights and examples of how you can gain a competitive advantage by improving your waste management practices.

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"This is not just about saving the environment – it is about reducing operational inefficiencies, saving money and improving your business reputation."

Emerging Plastic Policies and the long term impact on UK Businesses

It is quite obvious from reading the impending changes that the long term aim of Government is to make all packaging recyclable, to improve resource efficiency, start to reverse the throw away culture and make re-use and repair major players in how we manage our waste. Recycling target rates will also continue to rise.

Acting now to review your waste requirements will have significant financial benefits to your business. ERA can work with you to understand whether you are currently reaching existing legislative requirements and help prepare your business for the many changes that are coming our way.

Give your business a competitive edge by getting ahead of the competition. Download our essential plastic waste guide today.

About the Author: Daniel Howells, is a Chartered Waste Manager and Waste Management Consultant. He is a former Key Account Manager at one of the largest waste management companies in the UK. Specialising in the development of strategic plans and project management of key long-term projects providing cost saving initiatives. Daniel’s typical clients have included national high street Retailers, Supermarket chains, the NHS and the Construction sector.

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Example tips for reducing plastic waste in your business

"As environmental concerns continue to gather pace, coupled with plastic waste generating both national and international headlines, businesses must look at the opportunities that emerging plastic policies represent."

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