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Cost Optimisation Specialists in Communications, Technology & Utilities

Helping organisations optimise their communication, technology, and utility costs

Increasing capital requirements, aging infrastructure, competitive alternatives, rising operating costs (i.e., programming costs, environmental costs, etc.) and increasing governmental requirements are common challenges.

These challenges are putting pressure on the industry to find other sources of cash.

Many of ERA’s clients lack the resources or have a limited depth of knowledge of each of their supplier’s and their industries.

It is simply cost prohibitive and impractical to allocate additional and experienced resources to less strategic costs.

Expense Reduction Analysts has the unique ability to find the hidden cash because of our understanding of the cable, communication, and utility business industries.

Additionally, we have a comprehensive knowledge of each supplier’s industry. As such, we can benchmark against the market to ensure our clients are paying the right value for products and services of equal or often, better quality.

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“ERA is uniquely different from any other expense reduction firm or our own internal resources. They provide a preliminary assessment and strategy for reducing expenses. Thanks to ERA, we found sustainable and tangible savings without having to invest in large corporate functions. They are a true partner and trusted advisor."

Jim Fox, SVP and Chief Accounting Officer - Suddenlink Communications

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