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Cost optimisation Specialists in Manufacturing

Helping to reduce manufacturing costs with procurement strategies

Manufacturing has been the largest industry sector for ERA for a number of years. We’ve helped hundreds of manufacturing clients to save money and embed effective procurement into their organisation.

Often, companies can become too focused on the cost of manufacture and leave some of their other cost areas to be reviewed infrequently.

Our experts can help generate substantial benefits in specialist areas. All manufacturing organisations utilise logistics in their operations, use a lot of energy and also tend to use lots of paper and packaging therefore generating substantial amounts of waste.

We have dedicated experts in all these areas.

Our project specialists come with years of experience of the industries they are purchasing from and utilise their knowledge of the sector, the trends, the technologies and the suppliers to provide you with the best price fit.

Take a look below to see which categories we have helped others in and just a fraction of the people we’ve helped in your sector, as well as some of our latest commentary.

“ERAICM provided an impartial source of information and have been able to achieve significant savings through their knowledge of and unique positioning in the insurance market place. In addition, what has always pleasantly surprised us is their unobtrusive approach. We would have no doubts about recommending their services to other companies who are looking to capture cost saving opportunities.”

Karen Fall, Financial Controller, Autogard

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