Hakan Cardak

hakan cardak

Hakan has more than 20 years of engineering and data science technology experience. He has developed various predictive statistical models for different industries, managed projects and teams via working as a consultant for various companies.

He has been mainly involved in technology projects with specialities of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data optimisation. He has utilised some of the most cutting edge solutions to well-known companies including Mckinsey, Moody’s Analytics, HSBC, RBS, Lloyds Bank, Barclays, EDF Energy.

Over the years Hakan developed his technical skills on the route to become a data scientist and an expert on understanding client’s needs and how to embed and offer a choice of solutions by using the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Data Storage, and Cloud systems. He developed AI systems capturing human behaviour to reduce cost, predicting the most cost efficient maintenance in manufacturing, optimising the marketing campaigns and so on.

Technology expertise of Hakan can be applicable to other categories within ERA’s services. In today’s world there is barely left any sector which does not have the opportunity to leverage from the benefits of Artificial intelligence and big data platforms to reduce their cost by a significant margin.

Hakan is a chartered/professional mechanical system engineer with a master degree in mathematical modelling.