Peter Lee

Peter Lee

Project specialist: Records management, Office supplies, Janitorial supplies, Waste & recycling, Workwear & PPE

Peter is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (KPMG) and former Finance Director of the UK’s largest document storage company.

He joined ERA as a Project Specialist in May 2009 and has been delivering successful projects since that time. Peter’s understanding of the issues faced by organisations in dealing with Information Governance, combined with his knowledge of how to deal with the practical issues faced by management, have meant his area of expertise is of considerable interest and relevance to many of our clients.

ERA have an excellent record of achieving very high levels of savings with traditional off-site document storage (boxes, files, deeds, wills, architectural drawings, etc), scanning, digitising and secure shredding. Peter’s strong relationship with a wide range of Information and Records Management companies across the UK and his knowledge of their pricing models has enabled him to fully leverage ERA’s purchasing influence.

Savings opportunities exist in the majority of companies that have outsourced their storage of data (paper, tapes or other media), scanning and their secure shredding of paper. These services are often under contract, however as with other ERA categories, unexpired existing contracts are not necessarily an obstacle to achieving savings and getting ERA involved an early stage is advisable.

In addition to contingency based projects, Peter undertakes consultancy projects in a wide range of Information & Records Management areas including reviews, development of policies and procedures.

At ERA we are concerned with broader issues than the price you pay for the storage, management and disposition of your business records. We recognise that our clients have responsibilities for information security, data protection, business continuity, risk management and compliance. There is also a raft of statutory and industry specific regulations and our aim is to find solutions that can assist you in compliance with those obligations as well as save you money.

If you want to discuss any of the following areas, get in touch with ERA and ask for a meeting with Peter.

  • Information Governance
  • Records Management
  • Record retention & disposal policies
  • Document/file storage / Archiving
  • File management
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Contract improvement and negotiation on Permanent Retrieval fees
  • Scanning & digitising, data capture
  • Secure shredding
  • Heritage storage
  • Off-site backup, tape storage & recovery
  • Secure disposal of IT equipment

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